1. Hey Retta,

    Since I’ve mentioned it a few times, I thought I’d explain about the shortened season.

    Usually hockey seasons have all 30 teams each play 82 games from October to April. However, last year the NHL and NHLPA (the PA stands for Players Association) saw their collective bargaining agreement expire, which meant it was time to talk dollar, dollar bills.

    Of course, when people talk money and accoutrement, folks start acting a hot mess. I imagine it looked a lot like a scene from “12 Angry Men.”


    Or maybe you prefer the remake —


    Long story short — negotiations went on for way too damn long. Everybody finally got it together in January, and players and franchises went back to work. 

    Also, instead of having everybody play every other team, it’s an interconference battle until the playoffs.


    Teams in the west (like LA) will only play other Western Conference teams. Teams in the east blah, blah, blah, whatever, right now the Kings rank 6th in the Western Conference! 

    There’s a big game against the Minnesota Wild tonight that could push them up a spot or two. Every win’s important with only 12 games left in the regular season.

    Go, Kings, go!